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          Structural Fabrication


     Anchorage Systems.

          Bridge Bearings

          Modern Expansion Joints for road bridges.

          Railway Track Division

     Fabrication of Switches, Crossings and Switch Expansion Joints.

     Fabrication of Steel Sleepers for Turnouts.

     Execution of Track works in field.

     Replacement of Bridge Timbers with Steel Channel Sleepers on Girder bridges on Indian Railways.

     Manufacturing of Fasteners and Fittings.

          Steel Towers for communication & Transmission.

          Crash Barrier

          Rehabilitation of bridges.

     Replacement of Bearings.

     Replacement of Expansion Joints and installation of most modern Expansion Joints.

     Repairs of cracks, honeycombs, spallings, using Epoxy and Polymer based applications.

     Restoration of displaced spans.


     Repair and laying Bitumen mastic surfacing.




We have diversified in the field of Power Transmission Lines and Transmission Towers for communication sector. We have fabricated and erected 38 towers of height up to 42 mtrs for the prestigious and quality conscious customers like M/s Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd. (A unit of Reliance Industries Ltd.), who have demanded an accurate verticality of 20mm in 42 mtrs.


We have also fabricated two towers of 45 mtrs height and two towers of 85 mtrs height for UP State Electricity Board.


We have fabricated and supplied Towers to prestigious customers like ALSTOM, Transmission Distribution Systems Ltd.


We have a modern fabrication shop and a modern Galvanizing Bath of our own.





Points and crossings are a vital safety item in Railway track. It requires high degree of sophistication and technical precision. We were the third private Sector Company in India to be approved by Indian Railways for this prestigious job. Soon after, we reached a stage, of offering our own designs for special layouts involving most intricate geometry. After being satisfied with lour performance and quality records, Indian Railways are placing regular repeat orders on us. We scrupulously meet all quality standards and design parameters of Railways and stand out as one of the best quality producers in the country.





The company today is the largest manufacturers of Switch Expansion Joints for Indian Railways. Switch Expansion Joint is a very important component of Long Welded Rail tracks. Fabrication and assembly of Switch Expansion Joints requires high degree of perfection to meet very right tolerances. Because of our dedicated tem of system designers of manufacturing process, JCL has come to the top rung in this field in the country.




Based on thorough scrutiny of proven performance of JCL in the field of track technology, JCL was entrusted with another crucially important responsibility by Indian Railways to meet their growing demand of Steel Sleepers for Turnouts. We were the second private Sector Company in India chosen by the Indian Railway for this onerous task. We set up a completely new plant and in a very short time could supply 12,000 sleepers. This was rates as a notable achievement by he authorities which is evident from the fact that JCL was awarded a large contract even while the previous order was only executed to the extent of 25%.


Unfortunately, due to introduction of PSC Sleepers in a big way the need for Steel Sleepers for Turnouts has almost vanished. Nevertheless we have the capacity for heavy steel plate fabrication items.


Track Works Division is manned and managed by experts who have long years of experience in the management of Railway system in India.